Hello, new to the forum, and have question about ARGS class

Hello all, I’m new to developing in Dynamics AX 2009. Hope I’m in the right place on this forum.

I have a question about the args class. I realize that it is used to pass a number of arguments to another object (I believe), such as the caller, datasource, etc. In my case I’m trying to pass arguments to a report via a menuItem.

My question is:

Can you use the args class to pass multiple string values, for example, or even multiple boolean, int values…instead of just being able to pass one string via args.parm(_name)? It seems weird that you can only pass one string…Unless I’m not understanding correctly?

Same thing with parmEnum, is there a way to pass multiple enums?

Here is a short snippet of the code I’m looking at, thanks for any help in understanding this.

args = new Args(reportstr(WMSPickingList_OrderPick));

I don’t think you can easily pass multiple string/int/etc types…but it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you probably wouldn’t. If you want to pass multiple values, you should use a container or some other object, but you wouldn’t pass that to args probably, you’d pass that directly to whatever is receiving it.