Hello Im a newbie


Im Jon and we are in the process of implementing Dynamics.

I am currently running as an administrator on this.

I would like to know is there any beginners guides so to speak that I can acccess which I can pass on to my users to enable them to get a better understanding of Dynamics? They are very base level users so simpler the better to be honest.

Thanks guys appreciate the effort and will hopefully see you on here as we implement over the coming month!



Hi Jon,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group.

The best way to learn is normally to get a Dynamics consultant who is familiar with your company (so this person knows the way that YOUR COMPANY is planning to set and use the systemm) to conduct direct training for your employees. An alternative is to check out Customer Source (which is included in your maintenance programme) and the Microsoft eLearning.

I would love to help you more, but you didn’t write which of the many Dynamics programs you’re planning to implement.

Welcome aboard.

Best thing is to practice doing things in the Cronus database.