Hello Guys I need to sell DynamicsNAV custom made Modules Need help

Hello Guys I need to sell fully functional DynamicsNAV 2013 R2/2015 Material Requisition,Purchase Requisition, Store Issue and Vehicles tracking Modules and i Need help and suggestions how to sell it or if any body is needed these modules please contact me @ wwjs0@outlook.com

I don’t think you can just sell your addon, you have to first get it approved by Microsoft with a proper documentation and then get the license range approval for your custom objects and once approved by Microsoft you can then sell it. This is my understanding how addons work with MS.

In addition, you would have to brand it and yourself well – so that people remember it and you :slight_smile:


First of all, don’t put your email addresses directly in a public post! You WILL regret it later.

Second what you ask is really a what makes all the difference. How to sell the “add-on” module?
Everybody (well most here in the forum) can make a great custom add-on module. Most developers I know have one or two “drawer-projects” or semi-ready add-on’s, they have made at some point. Often a solution made for a specific customer, but good enough (?) to be come a product.

You don’t even need to have it approved. Just use the custom objects numbers, then the customer just need to buy those specific objects numbers (and you just have to hope they have not used the same numbers already).
They have to pay Microsoft for whatever objects they need. The price for your “add-on” (your code) is a matter only between you and your customers.

What SBHATBNG refers to are the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics add-ons. Here Microsoft has a long list of things you have to do in order for them to “approve it” and assign you your own objects numbers etc. Getting this certificate is not easy, takes months of work and preparations. And that’s before you even start selling it.

So why would you get it certified? Personally I would always recommend any of my customers only to buy CMD add-on’s, unless it comes with a lot of good references. Simply because I have seen so much shit (sorry to say it). “Solutions” which were not really solutions, but merely a set of custom changes turned into an add-on, and never upgraded after 1 or 2 NAV releases.

But as Seiferte writes it also means have a “brand” people will remember. Who will remember a product by someone who calls himself WWJSBSNL? Not really something to remember. [;)]

If you really have a “fantastic add-on” all customers need, then I’m sure you can do it.

Yes, that was part of my point. I was trying to be subtle about it, hahahaha. But yes, brand yourself, brand your company, brand your product.

And yes, branding works. In 1993 when the branding work with Navision was initiated, they were 1/3 the size of Damgaard. 4 years later, Navision passed Damgaard in global sales (while Damgaard’s hands were tied by various agreements). 3 years after passing the competitor, Navision acquired Damgaard and AX.