Hello from sunny Victoria BC

While new to this forum I have lived and worked in Victoria BC (Canada) since 2003. Our current platform has evolved to Dynamics GP V9 on SQL Server 2005 from its original GP 6.x on SQL Server 7. We are in the process of developing conversion and implementation plans for migrating to Navision (probably v5.x), also on SQL Server. My interests outside the DBA/Dynamics world are motorcycles, pipe bands, curling, economics and politics - about which I will keep quiet. My interests inside the DBA/Dynamics world are rapidly shifting to areas like data migration, cross-referencing GP data mappings to Navision data mappings, and, as a long-time Crystal Reports and OLAP BI guy, reporting issues including conversion or replacement of “all” our existing DS tools to NAV. This may be major because the primary data acquisition methodology underlying our reporting environment has been stored procedures and DTS jobs.

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the user group and thank you very much for you introduction. Sounds like like an interesting job. How big is your company?

“Interesting” is a good word, some days more than others [:#]. The company is a 250 employee national division of a large global corporation. 70 locations from Atlantic to Pacific. Both Citrix and virtualization in the mix, plus a non-Microsoft CRM/Schduling package coupled (as opposed to integrated) with GP.

And a targeted question - right now I’m being pointed at an [Excel] Rapid Implementation Methodology route to data migration. Can you point me in the direction of some serious (i.e. detailed) discussion of the ins and outs of this route? As I understand it so far it is a “tool kit” for the support/delivery arm of firms selling NAV, not a “customer” tool. I have seen some references that suggest it wasn’t quite ready for prime time in mid-2006 (year of introduction) and nothing implying major improvements since. I’m trying to maintain an open mind on the subject which is sometimes difficult: my experience with “simple” solutions tends to make me more cynical than optimistic.