Hello from New york! AX ver 4.0 user

Hi everyone. My name is Ron Wayne. I am glad to have found this users group. I hope I can find some answers to my questions. I am new to AX so there are so many to ask.

My position is in finance. My main focus in trying to learn AX is inventory.

Doew anyone know where I can find some really detailed explanations / instructions on how AX stores and re-calculates standard costs? I have read about the inventory close and recalc options but as I tried to test it, I did not get the results that I thought I would.

As I said, I am looking for detailed step by step learning tools. Anyone know where I can find these?



Hi Ron,

Welcome to the forum, U can explore customer source for the material u r looking for. I believe MS would have shared some white paper on customer source as well.