Hello from Latvia

Hi, Everybody!

my first idea here was not to create introduction message, because actually I am nothing here - no valuable NAV experience, not all manuals read yet, wish to become an expert in short time , lot of stupid questions asked 10 times before and so on… - in other words - one idiot more [8o|] ,
but after receiving first answers I found that I could apply for accounant’s role, because I have been in accountant’s shoes for 15 years, by the way implementing some other ERP systems and doing some programming/BI to make life more interesting . I had a lot of time dreaming about “ideal” ERP system and then
… I met NAV [U] and now I would like to build my future on it, because it seams that with NAV it is possible to create own “ideal” system if You really want.

Many Thanks to all, who created and who keep this excellent knowledge-machine alive !!!
Good luck!

Best regards from Riga/Latvia

Hi Lauris, welcome to our community. Make yourself at home and feel free to ask any question, no matter how stupid you think it is. We’re all here to help, and I am pretty sure you will be answering other people’s questions before you know it.