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Hi all

I am currently working on a SAP roll out around the world for the company I work for and some of the sales companies we are moving to SAP have Navision. Unfortuantely, in the current country we are rolling out to there is no person to help in the extraction of the data from Navision - as in all 14 previous roll out projects it is my responsibilty to migrate the data into SAP from supplied source data - this time I have been asked to also carry out the extraction from Navision.

If possible could anyone point me in the correct direction for documentation on the tables and fields on Navision as a start … I realise you probably will want me to stay with Navision but unfortunately it is not my choice. I have used it in France for 6 months during the project there and it looks like a good system for small to medium companies but we are trying to globalise the ERP and finance systems onto one SAP system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nick Griffiths

Data migration consultant / Abap Developer

Hi Nick, welcome to DUG. Make yourself at home and ask away. If you have access to a NAV product disk, there is a folder on it called ‘Doc’. In it, there is a lot of documentation about the application. The one you will want to get is the Application Designer Guide, and it’s called ‘w1w1adg.pdf’. This document contains most of the relevant technical information. To extract data from a NAV database you typically use dataports, or XMLPorts (which is a bit more difficult to use), and for data migration there is something called the ‘RIM Toolkit’.

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