Hello from Brazil

Hi All,

I’m Marcelo Borges from Brazil and I work with Dynamics NAV since 2005. I started as a Technical Consultant, and worked as a Navision Developer in most important areas as General Ledger, Sales and Receivables, Purchases and Payables and some Inventory too. Brazilian customization was also one of my big areas.

Two years ago I was invited to work in this company that I’m working nowadays, to be a Navision System Administrator. I used to take care of all the system key-user functions, I did the connection between the user requests and our corporate development team, and also I would be in touch with local Navision provider to accomplish local changes regarding brazilian laws.

Unfortunatelly, Brazilian localization for Navision is a very long lasting history of mess modifications, and some of the clients in this country got very upset with Microsoft regarding this issue. My current company was one of them, and then, for Sales and Purchase parts, we are working with a local Brazilian ERP linked with Navision to handle Production, General Ledger, Inventory and Fixed Asset.

Nowadays, I’m the IT Manager of the company, but I’m always with my eyes turned to the ERP systems here, and Dynamics NAV is my favourite one, as always. We have a Navision 3.7 application structure inside a Navision 5 database server and clients (due to our complex customized Production module).

As a former Technical Consultant, I do not master any of Navision modules, but since I got here, I’ve been styding each day more and more, to give full support to my users, but still I get some flaws in some modules (specially Inventory).

Anyway, I’ll try to help with my best knowledge when possible, and also I hope I can get some help back too.

Very best regards from Brazil. :slight_smile:

hi Marcelo …

wow…very impressive record [:)]

Welcome on aboard [:)]

Hi Marcelo,

Thank you for your detailed description. Although I have never personally worked with an implementation of Navision in Brazil, then I did hear a lot of comments about a lot of very strange (to us) ways of doing things. And I have also heard about several companies who have basically decided to skip putting their Brazilian subsidiary on Navision (when all other subsidiaries were on Navision), because of it. So I’m very happy to have someone with your background “on board”. Then maybe we can get the “true story”!