Hello fellow Dynamics users

Hello to all, my name is Andrew Foley, but please feel free to call me Axle. I am an employee with a IT / ERP consulting company located in Sydney, Australia. My role is to support and implement Dynamics NAV, previously the company I work for was supporting a different ERP system, but we have now seen the light and moved to the Dynamics NAV product[:)] So, its a new start for the whole company, which makes for exciting times!

My background before I started supporting and implementing ERP was accounting. I worked in several large and small companies as a financial accounting for about 8 years. When I got te opportunity to move into a more IT based role I grabbed it with both hands.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the forums, hopefully soon I will be able to give a bit back as my knowledge and experience grows.

Hi Axle,

Thank you for your introduction. They are always very nice to read, and this way to know more about the other members.

The best way to learn is to ask questions, so I hope to see many from you and also follow how your own knowledge is growing.

Hi Axel,

welcome to The Dynamics User Group. Thanks for the update, as Erik says, its so much easier when we know a little about the person we are “talking” with. You will find that just about everything you want to know about Navision is on this Forum. If you have any questions, just ask.

By the way, this Group have been around nearly 12 years now [<:o)] and there is a ton of information to be found using The Search Tool. You may want to even book mark that. Please if you find help somewhere in the forum, please just add a reply saying thanks, even if its an old post, since it the original posters always like to see that they helped someone.

PS I am originally from Perth, but wont hold it against you that you are on the East Coast [;)]

I was wondering where you got the Akubra. [;)] My family is from Fremantle, but I have grown up in Sydney. Go the Swans!

Thanks for the kind welcome Erik & David

Everyone is from Perth. [:P]

Well I am still in Perth.

[<:o)] Hey we will soon be starting a Perth Forum.

Would a good idea! I have a few questions I would like to ask in a Perth forum regarding the new NAV version 5.0 for Australia !!