Hello..err... again..

Hello all my name is Mobashar.

I registered on the site a while back but lost my login details due to leaving my last workplace … Sorry!! My username was Mobashar but now it’s Mobashar1.

So errr Admin you have a redundant user account!

Anyway I will reintroduce myself again lol

I am (was?) an experienced Consultant who has mainly workd with the usual suspects… VB, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server.

Wanting to move into ERP and gain a greater insight into management/business I am studying for MBA Information Systems with Dynamics.

PS I will be looking for a placement next year around summer… so if anyone would be interested in cheap quality labour, please let me know if you may have any opportunities. If it is mutually beneficial I shall get myself certified in the appropriate modules.

Once again sorry Admin! lol

I sent you an email about recovering yor password.

Welcome aboard again…