Header + lines forms


i have a small doubt.

am open the sales Order form and select the one sales Order in Header but am click the Header an display the header related Item appear in lines.how this working the form code.

Am created the same form and two table using but my form open .

display the header in all order but line is display the many items .

but not display the particular header in line.

pls help me.



You need two data sources and two grids; each grid has its own data source. The line data source has JoinSource = {header data source} and LinkType = Delayed.

hi martin,

i have another doubt.

is it possible to display records in form with out using query and filtering records based on some condition.



If the question about headers and lines is answered, please mark it as answered. If you have a question about another topic, please feel free to create a new thread (with an appropriate name, tags and so on).

It’s not clear to me how you want to get records without querying the database.