Header and Footer in RTC Report

Hello Folks:

I am trying to create a report which has 3 copies for different purpose. My header contains Company’s Addr, Billing Details, Bill to and Shipping Addr i.e for different set of data. I am able to print 3 data on the header of the first page but company’s addr is not displayed on the first page and its displayed on the other pages.

Same is the problem with the footer. I can print only the half values in the footer and rest of the values are not printed on all the three pages.

I would really appreciate everyone’s responses.

Please help, I figured out the doubts but I cannot print Last part of the footer which 6 text boxes which reads code.getdata(x,y), footer also has 10 other text boxes which reads the same and they get displayed properly.

Please help, I am new to NAV.

Hi ,

Did you try o change the report page size? assuming that all the required data are present and assuming that you are only facing problems by printing.

Under view/ layout — > try to adjust the report page size.



Also a good habit to always enable the “ruler”, when designing reports. That + plus you can change the margins in the report properties.

Thank you Mohamed and Erik for your help and Tips.

I fixed the problem, the problem was due to the setData text box, I just moved them from bottom to the top of the footer and it worked.

Appreciate your time.

Dear Jay,

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