Haw t o assignment the transport invoices,

Hello Experts,

I have to assign the transport invoices for tow recipts (in first recipts i want to asign three items), the first recipt i have registred, the second recipts i will register after 10 days. Haw can i assign only 50 % of transport invoice in the first invoice now, and then after 10 days when i will register the other recipts to add the 50 % left.

Thanks in advance.


create 2 frieght invoice of 50 % Amount for the same G.R

…or split the Amt in 2 lines on same invoice. However, you’ll be able to post this freight invoice only when both Charge(item) lines will be applied.

(I assume you know that Charge(item) can be the only lines in separate “freight” Invoice and how to apply such to Items in another Invoice(s)… )