Having InventTable in a Virtual company

Does anybody know if it is possible to have InventTable table in a virtual company? I need to have Items global (in more than one company).

Any known issues?



What about the other related tables that create the item record?

Never done it, but it is theoretically possible. You need to verify the tables, need to sort out the costing, default order and site settings? Which costing version does it reference? Units of measure conversion, customer descriptions, vendor descriptions, will the item coverage be separate? Are the stock model groups and the dimension groups common? How does latest cost and purchase price update? Dimensions? Warehouse items, trade agreements? what does the on hand and the transaction tables hold - separate companies presumably.

There are potentially loads of issues, but only one way to do it is set it up and run it through. With static data it is ok most of the time, but when it starts to involve transactions it becomes more complex and you need to test it more, generally this it is done on single tables, and the item record is obviously not one, so you will need to test it thoroughly and let us know!

Great thanks, I will for sure let you know.