Have added a field in Classic - how do I make it visible in RTC.

Hi all, a relatively new user. I apologise if this is simple and I am being ignorant. I have not found a specific answer to this in the search.

In NAV 2009 I have added the E-MAIL field to the Customer List Page (Page 22). This is obviously fine in Classic and I can add the field. However the e-mail field is not available in the Customer List in the RTC.

Can someone let me know how I can make this field visible in the Customer List in RTC as well please? The page number in RTC also seems to be 22. The “Visible” property on the field is set to “Yes.” What am I missing, or what have I not done?

Welcome to DUG

Did you try by restarting the services?

I hope you added field in both FORM and PAGE

Gahh, of course, cant believe I didnt do that. Thank you - all working now, and thanks for the welcome :0)

Welcome [:)]