Have a button run a report and set one of the filters

I created a barcode report and from the item card I want a button that will bring up the report with the item no. filled in. I’m not sure how to do this. I create a button and have it so the report loads. I tried setting the runcommand to No.=CONST(‘000009’) and that doesn’t do anything. I tried a constant just to rule out anything else. I would want it to pull the item cards item number at some point. Thanks for your help.


create a Item table as variable in item card for example

Variable Name Data Type Sub Type

ItemRec Record Item

Now place the bleow code at OnPush() of the button



ReportID is object ID of you report




I need top create bar code for customer No. Can you tel me the steps to create bar code for customer NO



Awesome, that worked great! Thank you! I’m not sure I understood your question. Do you need help creating a barcode report?

.Please verify the solution .I Have solved my problem also


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