Hardware requirements

Hi, 1.Navision Attain – What are the hardware requirements for the server machine handling 100 userrs for SQL server option(enterprise edition). 2.Is it possible to install the Naviion Attain application in one machine and SQL server in the other machine? ie. application in one and the database in other? if so does it increase the efficiency. I feel, as all the application objects are stored in the database,this may not be possible. 3. Does navision attain make use of the machines having more than one CPU? Please help me out. Regards, Chandan

Hi Chandan, I recommend you try a search for “Hardware requirement”, “server requirement”, “Server recommendation”… there are tons of posts that deal with this topic. To your questions: 1) have a look at the other topics… 2) possible, performance issues - can’t really tell 3) SQL Server does make use of multiple CPU’s, the Navision DB doesn’t. Saludos Nils

Hi Chandan, 1. Search Site 2. Navision doesn’t have separate installation for Application, SQL Option. Only thing you do is install an extended stored procedure on Server to work with SQL Db. 3. Good info. in site db on topic. Regards

hi chandan, give me ur id, may be i can help you

hi Ajay, My email id is chandanmurdeshwar@yahoo.com. regards

Thanks Ajay, for the information. But I already have the same document. This document does not speak about the Hardware requirements, like RAM,CPU speed, number of CPU’s,etc. Actually i need these for 100 users.