Hard drive configuration


I use NAV 4 with Incadea with 80 users, my database have now 170Gb and grows 7Gb/month. I need to increase the storage dimension of my HP MSA1500 (SCSI).
I have problems with the actual hard drive performance. It’s very, very, very slow.

According to this dimensions and for the next 18 months what is the best configuration (to improve the performance) that I can implement in the MSA1500 (Number and capacety for hard the hard drives, what RAID for DB and Logs, etc.)

I would appreciate (very much!) who can help me in this issue.

Best regards,
Hugo Pinto

I don’t know much about hardware. All I can tell you that RAID 5 is not recommended, RAID 10 seems te be a better idea.

Maybe you can find some usefull info here: