Hard coded Modify not executed in dataport

Hi there,

My client is using Nav with SQL2005SP1.

I’m encountering a problem in only 1 dataport. This dataport exports the content of only 1 data item. On the OnAfterExportRecord I update the current record, concerning exportinformation, like some timestamps and booleans and I close with MODIFY; Nothing happens. My exportinformation is not being updated in any way. The debugger doesn’t show anything unussual, just passes the MODIFY statement. I moved this part of code to dfferent places in the dataport but nothing happens.

This is very strange, because in my testing environment (same specs) I don’t have this problem. My instinct tells me this is related to SQL. At the moment we are encountering some problems with security (sync problems to be exact), but that shudn’t result in this behavour.

Let me know if you have any direction I can look into, cause I’m out off options…


Well, a general advice is to install NAV 4.00 SP3 as this is considered to fix some problems within the security management (and other), in “older” buggy versions you have to work around by assigning sysadmin or db_owner roles to your logins.

What you maybe could try is, to put an explicit COMMIT after the MODIFY, or in OnPostDataport (maybe the implicit COMMIT when leaving the Dataport is not working …)

If you run the dataport directly Design-mode, this is some strange effect you have. All goes like normal but the data isn’t saved. To save the data you have to run the dataport from the Object Designer.