Handling a lot of transactions a day

The need of one of our customer is to enter about 40000 sales line a day with about 40 users. The orders will pass a Credit limit control and a Stock control and then they will be posted immediately.All these must be done in a short way. Has anyone any impact of this kind of work ? How Navision with SQL server can respond to this need. If anyone has any feedback please inform me before continue with test cases.

Navision can post 40,000 sales lines per day, that is not a major issue. But… Data entry will be an issue, 1,000 lines per person = 15-20 seconds per line, do-able, but you want a client that deos not want millions of pop messages and warnings. Credit warnings at the line level, and Stock warnings are ging to cause you sunbstantial locking issues if you want them to be calculated accurately, 40 users locking tables at once, is not going to work, so you are going to need to re-evaluate the checking mechanisms. You really want to batch post, so that users can get on with Dataentry. Orders go itno a queue and are posted b one continuous process. The Volume makes SQL make sense, but don’t expect it to run out of the box. You WILL have to get in a SQL-Navision expert to tweek this system for you. THe fact that you are asking these questions means that you do not have the skills et to do this without expert help. DOn’t be shy, you are not expected to know everting, you boss willthough expect you to be able to find the resources you need. Personally I would recommend writing anOrder pre-processing front end, (this can be in Navision), where all data entry is handled, and pre-processing such as credits stock ot etc is handled, BEFORE the data is moved into a sales order. This allows you to take control of locking without being tied to all the testing that goes on when entering a sales order. But just once more, realize you are going to get help to make this work, just decide if you are going to get that elp before you implement, or after the customer is screaming.

Phillip, I agree with David. I strongly suggest you get the solution in place before you go live. David, have you previously used a que to process orders? I have batch to overcome locking and we do some time sharing for processes. Rob

Yes I have done background posting, that’s basically what I was leading to in my second last paragraph. Though these days a hardware fix is going to be less expensive, and less effort to maintain. But of course if you do go for SQL, then get an independent expert in, and a real “Navision SQL” expert, not just a SQL expert.

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we have 37 users with adequate amount of data entry performance was an issue until we upgraded the server itself - now we have 1 stand alone Navision-only server with 8 15,000 RPM hard-drives - 4 pairs. So 1 Navision file resides on 3 pairs (the 4th pair is for Windows). Improving was HUGE This is non-SQL experience