Handle Warranty return item


Without using serial or batch numbers, what is another way to handle warranty for an item that has been purchased?

Let say I received an item from the vendor that must be received and that item has warranty on it, where can I handle that? Sames scenario if i have to return an item Under warranty.


I’m wondering would there be any business which handles the warranty without batch numbers?

If I received 100 items last month i.e. 1st Jan and 200 items 31st Jan, the usual warranty period is 1month, then what if I return last month’s stock to my supplier claiming that it is the stock purchased on 31st. How the vendor traces the warranty without the batch number.

Please clarify.

If you do not use batch/serial you will have issues proving it. In essence if you purchase 10 on Jan 1 2013 and 10 on Feb 1 2013 and you sell one on Mar 1 2013 how can you handle warranty of 12 months when you cannot say that the 1 sold was purchased in Jan or Feb if it is returned, furthermore you can argue there are 2 warranties - the one you offer and the one the vendor offers. Your starting point for traceability as a minimum to allow proof has to include a physically traceable element in my opinion.

You are both right Adam & santosh. However , it looks like information that is needed is to know is which items are on warranty so an alert will be raised . for further management i will try to understand how far they want to go with that. Thanks

Well that is kind of the point - they need the information to know which items are under warranty but there is no way to prove this without a tracking element of any kind. If you did not and your vendor accepted it I would simply say every item is under warranty even if the warranty is 1 month and I sold it 1 year ago - how will they ever know to deny me?