Hallo all

Hi there I am Ronnie I am new to this site and new to Nav I want to learn the tricks of the trade and be able to write 2009 exams soon

Hi Ronnie,

Welcome the the Dynamics User Group!

There’s lots of useful information if the documentation & blog sections. Searching the forum will give you guidance on most queries but feel free to ask your own questions.


I am new here with a lot of information related to accounting services…

Ronnie : Practice & Patience are the keys, get the manuals and enter & post documents for various flow (ie: regular sales order, drop shipment …)

Experiment with different setup

Good Luck, and don’t hesitate to ask here with a detailed describtion of your problem and what are the things you’ve already tried.

I’ve noticed that many people are getting super lazy here, and expect the (super-nice) community to come up with a very detailed answer to a very vague question.