Hai Friends... Iam Using Nav2009r2 I have an Issue

I have maintain my inventory in navision. in nav the inventory will be available in 3 areas 1.Item card,2.Item bin,3.Item by location.

here i have a problem. I.e; in item by location and in item card i have perfect inventory. but in bin level there some mis matches. so i want adjust my inventory in bin level also. so how to adjust my inventory in bin level with out effecting in location.

So please anyone can help me…

Thank You…


Use “Item Journal”. Say for example:

Item Location Wrong Bin Correct Bin

Item 01 WH01 B C

Do an Item Journal

Positive adjustment

Item 01 - WH01 - C

Negative adjustment

Item 01 - WH01 - B

Hope you understand by these simple explanation