Guides for Security Setup

Hi, Is there any standard guides for navision security setup? I found it very traublesome setting up authorization policy in navision. Even though I included some roles that I think is appropriate for a user, still a lot of problems (restrictions) occur in the application of the authorization. For example, I couldn’t print because I haven’t include the Read Interaction Template Setup permission. So, besides the standard roles, I have to create a new role for catering all these left-out permissions. If anyone knows a standard guides/practices for implementing authorization security… please advise. Thank you very much. Regards, Hadi Lai

Well, one standard document regarding to NAVISION security is the “NAVISION - Security Hardening Guide” which is available on PartnerGuide/PartnerSource (or if you’re a customer you should get this from your NSC). For the creation of user specific roles I recommend to use the “User Rights Setup” module which is available on the “Tools” CD-ROM. Basically, this tool traces the processes a user is running and defines explicitly the rights that are required to perform the transactions and puts them into a role.

Hi Hadi,

are you an end user or an NSC. If you are an NSC, then really if you are asking this, you are not ready to set up security for an end user, and I suggest you follow Jorg’s advise; start playing with the tools, and start to get a feel for what security is all about. If on the other hand you are an end user, then the first step is to work with your NSC to get this moving, thats why you have a Dynamics Partner, but if you can’t get support from them, then really trial and error is the only path. One piece of advise though. When you get a security error message, be aware that it relates to the CAPTION of the object, so be sure to show this field on the Object designer, when sercing to find the object number.

I see this is an older reply but I would like to know if this information still applies. I am end user trying to create roles and this sounds like it could be a great tool. Is it possible to download this? I am not sure I have the tools CD.

Thanks in adcance for any advice.

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