Guidelines for changing standard functionality

Hi All,

I am trying to find some guidelines how to amend existing standard functionality. Can you share some best practises what to do and to aviod when you get started to do development. I mean changes like the way we post invoice or amending total values depending on custom requirement etc. That do impact the standart code for form and table triggers !

thanks for help !




Well, the first “address” in this case should be the “Application Designer’s Guide” where you could get some information about general development guide-lines.

According to that, here some “best-of-practices” (IMHO):

  • Maintain a history about changes in the “Documentation”-Trigger, including date, developer, version and brief description

  • Document all Code changes in the C/AL code, marking the begin and end of the change

  • NEVER delete standard code - comment it out and replace it by your change

  • Add you variables or functions always at the end of the standard Globals/Locals list, separated by a “dummy” variable (this is different to the ADG but highly recommended)

  • Stick to NAV naming- and numbering- conventions

  • Use standard code as much as possible, design your code as “add-on”, just implementing exit- or entry-points to your code within the standard code

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And last but not least: be very careful when changing posting routines! The G/L is certified, thus if you fiddle with posting routines you could jeopardize this certification which might result in severe trouble with your auditor!