GUID of UserID

Hi, I have a little question. It’s possible to get GUID of navision’s UserID ? I found in “Windows Group Member” a link between Member ID and Member GUID but it not very quikly. Thk

Hi Staminos, what are you xactly trying to do. Yes it should be possible to gt the GUID, but what do you mean by “not very quickly”

Navision accesses active directory to get the latest data, and that’s why it’s sluggish. You could create another table and periodicly update it.

Hi, You can use table 2000000055 SID - Account ID. SIDAccountID.SETCURRENTKEY(ID); SIDAccountID.ID := USERID; IF SIDAccountID.FIND THEN EXIT(SIDAccountID.SID); EXIT(’’); Bjarne

I would suggest to create a new codeunit (Single Instance). In the CU you need a global variable of the type record with the SIDAccount or Windows Group Member table,set to temporary. Then you need a function where you hand over the user ID and then you search in the temporary table for that user and return the GUID. IF the temporary tablie is empty, or a certain user ID is not found (because it has been created recently only) you read through the Navision table and copy all records into a temporary table. That should be pretty fast.