G’day Folks - who can help please. The problem we have is that for INTERNATIONAL customers, sales lines GST Prod Posting Group (GSTPPG) always validates to GST10 (picks it up from Item.GSTPPG) so it is a manual step required for user to change from GST10 to GSTFRE (needs to be GSTFRE for BAS purposes). Is it a design or functionality intention for this to be a manual step rather then default to GSTFRE if customer is INTERNATIONAL - for instance why is there no FOREIGN option for customers (as per vendors)? Then, IF Customer.FOREIGN TRUE, GSTPPG:=‘GSTFRE’ ; I know GST/VAT is different for all countries so do not expect to have this problem across the board - using 3.70B AU. Thanks in advance. Cheers and best regards, Matthias.

Hi Matthias I agree it is a bit of a pain, but away of working this so that it is Ok for the BAS is you have the International Customers setup with a GST Bus Posting Group ofInternational or Overseas or export or something that unquely identifies them from Local Customers. Have the GST Posting Setup so that the GST Bus Posting Group of “International” and the GST Prod Posting Group of GST10 have a rate of 0% set. This takes care of not having GST calculated. From the BAS point of view when you set up G2 you will set up all the combinations of GST Bus Posting Group “Interational” and GST Prod Posting Groups, e.g GST10 and GSTFree. This way G2 will refelct all the exports and as the combination of International and GST10 does not have any GST you do not overstate your GST to pay. Hope this makes sense. It would be easier to have it similar to the vendor and have it default to a defined GST Prod posting Group. Cheers Peter

G’day Peter and thanks for your thoughts…btw, are you end-user or with NSC? Even with Purchase defaulting to GST Prod Posting Group that works only on whether ABN registered, not if Vendor.Foreign - and in our customer case they prefer to default to GSTFRE not GSTNAB. I made a small mod to address the problem for Purchases and will now use as template to fix for Sales … maybe. My view is that local MS should own this and make as standard A1 release - and have forwarded off to MS and let’s see what happens. Meanwhile, need to make our own mods to fix for customer, as usual. Thanks again for your workaround - may still implement if customer does not want to pay for mod. Best regards, Matthias.

Hi Matthias I am with an NSC. Cheers Peter