GST(VAT) statement reconciliation to the GL


I am totally new to Navision and am slowly working my way through things. If anyone has any good documents or knows a great beginners guide covering all the basics, please feel free to let me know.

My query today though revolves around reconciling the gst (NZ equivalent to VAT) statement to the general ledger.

We are not currently set up for gst reporting through NAV, instead we are currently exporting data from the gst GL codes to determine gst on sales and expenses and calculating our liability that way. I am in the process of altering the setup so that we can utilise this function of Nav.

Presently I am working on designing the gst statement, and am trying to reconcile the numbers back to the GL codes to ensure I have incorporated all the transactions by manipulating the prod & bus posting group combinations.

I will have to design 2 reports, one for Aust gst and one for NZ gst. What have others done to ensure they have gotten it right?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Unfortunately, pure User Manuals in their classic shape do not exist as such for Navision - you must attend courses either at Training centres, or your Partner must train you as part of implementation process (or after, on request). Surely, that’s not for free…

That means the implementing Partner hasn’t completed it’s job - ask them for help, it’s their direct duty, besides setting up the system without knowledge about it will rather create mess, than useable product.
The same for GST Reports you mentioned, a Partner working in AU/NZ should have such already created and ready to distribute, if it is not the part of localisation. (specific VAT-related functionality, compliant with legal requirements, at least IS included in localisations for countries where such is required).


Thanks - though unfortunately because the company has been using the product for a number of years any queries directed to our “partner” will result in fees.

Instead I have set up the statements and found it can be reconciled.

It was simply a matter of understanding that the system runs 2 entry types, the GST ledger (which has its own separate register and is built via the GST Prod & Bus Posting Groups) and the GL ledger. The GL ledger had to have direct posting disabled otherwise anything posted to it would throw out the GST Statement.

It can be reconciled simply by including extra lines into the GST statement and totalling them differently - traditionally this only looks at the GST entry ledger and does not link to the GL at all. By including the relevant GL codes, including the one nominated for manual entries, the GST statement printed can reconcile directly to the GL.


It’s always sad to hear that Partners do NOT explain the client everything at once, but try to sell uncompleted implementation for lower price to get the deal, and then come back with texts like “you didn’t order that, so we didn’t deliver - now you must PAY”.

These folks KNOW that the setup is incomplete, but still HIDE it from you - shame on them…

I couldn’t give you precise details in my first answer, in my part of world there is no GST. Well, 22’000 km separates us, I hoped you’ll get help from some Kiwi - they happen to be substantially closer [;)]

Wow - to imagine a world without GST! That must be heaven!

As for the partners, I wasn’t here when NAV was implemented so I have no idea what the discussion was back then, but my biggest disappoint I am finding is that they struggle to provide basic templates to work off, or even decent instructions & detail around add ons that they have designed.

To be fair though, I had never used, seen or heard of NAV until a couple of months ago, so there has been a steep learning curve for me also. In some respects, having to create it all from scratch has given me an in depth understanding of how NAV works, which is helpful in other projects I am doing in NAV as well.

Thanks Modris :slight_smile: