GST Settlement calc & post entered journals across dimensions (companies) and now my TB doesn't balance


We have recently switched to using the GST module in Navision for our GST. We have multiple companies set up, each under a different dimension. There are 2 types of GST, NZ & AUST, and in this instance 2 companies, a NZ one and an AUST one.

We have separate GL codes for the AUST GST, (specified in the GL to use the AUST company dimension) and our normal GL codes for NZ gst (specified to use the NZ company dimension).

When the system completed its calc and post it correctly removed the GST from the NZ codes and put it into the settlement account in the NZ company. However, for the AUST gst, it also correctly moved the GST from the GL codes in the AUST company (dimension), but put it into the NZ company settlement account. As a result my Trial Balance for both the Aust & NZ companies are out by the AUST gst settlement amount.

As far as I am aware one sided journal entries are impossible, I tried entering a GL journal to correct just moving it from one dimension to the other, but of course the rules do not allow a one sided journal within a dimension.

So 3 questions:

Firstly, how was NAV able to override the rules in place to put this journal through?

How can I fix it?

And how can I stop it from happening again?


OK - to answer my own questions from aboveā€¦

NAV was able to overide the rules as the GST settlement posting does not use the rules we had put in place re the dimensions.

To fix it - turn off the GD1 checking flag in the gen ledger setup, and enter journal which will cross dimensions (in our case difference companies).

To stop happening again, exclude the AUST gst from the calc and post when doing the NZ GST. Will need to set up a separate settlment account for AUST GST, and do up a second gst statement, then run a calc & post solely for the AUST GST.

We run Nav 5.0. Hopefully this will help someone out in future - feel free to comment :slight_smile: