GST Posting

I need advice in setting up GST posting for expenses accounts. I understand that if expenses are GST chargeable, then i should assign the standard GST (say, 5%) code to all my expenses accounts. However, if i have scenario as follows: - Account: Tel Expenses - Total charges for local calls (GST applicable) = $100 - Total charges for overseas calls (no GST) = $50 - Total GST amount = $5 (5% of $100) - Total bill incl GST = $155 So what GST posting groups should i setup for the Tel Expenses Accounts? If i set up as the standard GST, the system will post $7.5 (5% of $150) to the Input GST account instead of $5 (5% of $100). Also, what are the Purchase Journal lines? Rgds.

Hi, Why not splitting this entry in two line ($100 with standard GST and $50 with no GST).