I need an advice. I have a client where the requirement is such a way that the business is classified in three catagories.

It has four division.Divisions are further divided into two sub groups.

how to group this in Navision.



Hi Narayan,

I would suggest you to use dimensions.


I have used dimension for another classification

Hi Narayan,

This a difficult one to answer without knowing the details - e.g. what is the reporting requirement, common customer base etc

Have a look at responsibility centers - this will group but you may have some development to do around filtering views of the data.

Yes, but you can just add more dimensions.

What do you need to analyse?

I believe that in the standard system you can run with upto 8 Dimensions.

One option is to use a name convention on the DIMENSION to give groupings.

For example A-AA for Division A unit AA, then A-BB for unit B then B-AA for Division B (but with more user friendly name).

We use dimensions for Division, Cost Centre, Sales Category, Product Line, Product Class and Project.

We use Analysis Views to provide a pivot on the data by any combination of those dimensions.