grouping of Proudcts

hi expert i have complex query, i have scenario that suppose we created a sales quotation like

S.No itemName qty price Description

1 Product A 01 2000 inn door unit(air cooler)

2 ProdcutB 01 3000 out door unit (air cooler)

also one thing more that from combinations of Prodcut A and B one complete set formed.

now when this quoation send so on quotation confirmation report only qty(1),description (air cooler suppose) and total (5000) print only,

so please guide me how this wil be achived…


Ultimately you are making a product and quoting a product, but you want to see the components of the product, which is not standard and would require a customization. The rest then falls out of where you want to see it, what the process is for making it, how pricing is defined etc.