Grouping items in Master Planning

I have below scenario—

item Quantity

A 7

A 4

B 3

B 2

When i Firm a purchase order the system creates 4 lines in PO. Is there any way of creating only 2 lines with accumulated quantity.

  1. Also I want to know that is there any way to select all proposed orders of different items and Group ?

I have lot of lines of items in which a lot are duplicate.

So i want to select all and GROUP them so that system will give distinct items and i can firm the PO.

Thanks in advance…

  1. In the scenario you gave, it is also important to know the dates of each requirement. Why?

If you have a period coverage for that items, master planning should automatically group all the requirements within that period. So if item A and B has a period coverage of 60 days your scenario would be:


Item Qty Date
A 7 01-Apr-13
A 4 15-Apr-13
B 3 01-Apr-13
B 2 15-Apr-13


Item Qty Date
A 11 01-Apr-13
B 5 01-Apr-13

So your actual scenario is generated in that way because your coverage plan is a requirement type, or maybe period, but some of your requirements are out of the period and because of that master planning doesn’t group them.

You have another option to have the effect you want, in master planning parameters AX would group those requirements with the following options (of course all of the items must have the same vendor):

  1. Yes you can manually group requirements, AX would sum up the quantities and (this part I don’t remember well) it will take the date of the last record you selected or the first date of the group, you need to try. The tool for doing that in AX is (this screen is from AX 2009, in 2012 you have the same tool maybe in different place but you have it):

Looking in my picture, if you had selected item 1283 and 130 in the same time, select Group, Ok, you’ll have two lines one for each item.

Thanks Héctor for the reply.

But still the problem is not solved. I changed the master planning parameters as suggested by you. but still i get multiple lines for same item.

Did you re-generate the master plan?

Remember that you can specify the coverage group at the item level, master planning item coverage level and master planning parameters level, I think that the one at the master planning coverage level has precedence, be sure you have placed there the period coverage group for that item.

I see that the dates in your picture are today’s date, does it behave the same way in the future? Just to know you don’t have a frozen period where master planning is not making changes…

I can’t realize what else can be the reason of not having them consolidated… in my experience, you need to try a lot with master planning as it has many situations and parameters that can affect it…

Can you post the coverage group BESOIN settings? Or the item coverage settings for the item? Hector is correct in his excellent explanation so it should work fine in my opinion.

Can you also tell us your marking setting in the planning parameters?

I have done same things as you guys have mentioned. Coverage group is same, vendor is selected, re-run the MRP but still…

Dear All,

I have encountered the same case as Shrikant.

My setting is same too.

I set Group by Vendor so when firming some plan orders with same vendor, AX will group them to one PO.

But I think it’s not possible to group them into one line, because every line has its own reference.

Please check PO - Line Detail - Product - Item Reference

AX save the reference, so we can trace ‘where this PO comes from?’

I thinks it’s the positive purpose about ‘why AX do this way’

This is my conclusion when i encountered this case before.


Finally… Its possible…

you have to do change in Coverage Group setting. The coverage code should be Period

It works fine and generates total quantity for one item. It adds one more line in Pegging for reference.

[:)] Thanks everyone …


It was why I asked for the coverage group settings [:D]