Grouping in reports

Hie I am trying to develop a report which groups accounts with different account numbers. i.e in one group you can have accounts 1005, 3126. The problem is these accounts have been filtered by a dimension which is the only thing they have in common. Hence I can not apply a grouping based on a dimension. Acc Acc Name Amt Date 1002 Bank of Netherlands 38,724.56 09/07/02 1003 Bank of CIDA 306.74 30/06/02 1040 Bank of CIDA (US$) 64.39 30/06/02 1041 Bank of Barodalands (US$) -38,724.56 09/07/02 1042 Allocation Funding -5,100.00 24/09/02 1045 Stanchart SIDA (US$) -81,611.62 13/09/02 1101 Fuel 160.00 29/04/02 1201 Opening Balance -118.00 31/08/02 1202 Suspense Accounts 139.28 11/09/02 1504 Freightworld -4,151.89 31/07/02 1505 Study Guidelines -305.01 01/08/02 1506 US AID 1,754.22 30/05/02 In the above example Accounts 1002, 1040, 1041 Belong in the same group, and 1003, 1101, 1505 belong to another. The question is how do I come up with these two groups bearing in mind that the dimension that these accounts have in common has already been used to come up with the above list.

I am not very sure but your problem might be solved with what i sujjest. Hv u tried using the dimension value’s additional parameter, that is, the dimension values also can be given same type as accounts: like end total, begin total etc. These can be usefull in your case. regards, Dharmenra Desai

Thanks Dharmenra I will try that