Grouping dimension values


I want to Group dimension values together. We have a dimension that is called ITproject and it has (among other values) NAV development, Sharepoint development, Office 365 licenses and NAV licenses. Here I want to Group the ongoing COSTs and Group the Project like COSTs, that only appear every now and then.

Thank you for your help.


PS. Sorry for the caps here and there but they just pop up automatically.

It’s not quite clear from your post what you are willing to achieve -

  1. add summarizing Dims (Dim Value type = Total / Begin-total / End-total, as in Chart of Accounts)
  2. or join previously used more detailed Dims in one new common Dim (or not new, but move to another, already existing)

Both can be done, please precise your question…

I think I want number two :slight_smile: