Groupby for fields in view

Hi all,

I have a created a main view with a query and this query is formed using three different views and I wanted to do groupby for the fields( 5 fields out of 10 fields) in the view, (Note: The main view contains a computedcolumn which provides repeated values for that column not included in the groupby ). Please suggest me a solution regarding this whether the groupby for the fields in view or directly in query is possible when it is not having aggregate function and how to proceed with it.

Thanks in advance

Hi All,
Any possibilities…???

I didn’t reply because your explanation isn’t clear to me and it seems that’s the same with others. Maybe you should do something about it…

I am in need of suggestions for that can I do groupby to the fields in a view , where this view is created using complex query in ax 2012 R2. Please do give some suggestions

I’m sorry, but “for that can I do groupby to the fields in a view” doesn’t explain your problem at all. You shouldn’t be surprised that nobody can help you unless you explain what you need.
If you’re not willing to spend a few minutes describing your problem, you can’t seriously ask us for our time.

This is the view which I mentioned in the question, In this view I have used a query to populate the view, I want to do groupby for the fields which I have highlighted with yellow. the groupby is not working when I tried in the query which I have used , Please suggest me a solution for this if possible.

Thanks in advance

Can you please explain what you mean by “is not working”?
Also, look at your actual SQL code for the view and check what’s wrong there. If you don’t understand it, please create a simplified example (e.g. using a single field) and then share your code with us. The picture doesn’t show anything of this.