Group permissions on Admin domain

Hi, we use AX 2009, we have 7 domains and Admin domain that contains all 7 companies or all 7 domains (there is 1 domain per every company). How come could be that a group with permissions in Admin domain does not spread those permissions in the other 7 domains. In other word, when I run a report I see there is no access in all domains when the group has permission on Admin domain. Appreciate a rapid response, please.

To make it clear to others, you’re talking about security domains.

The behavior you described is correct - the whole purpose of domains is to provide isolation. If you want all companies to use the same setup, put them to the same domain, instead of isolating them in separate domains.

Thanks Martin. It seems I am missing something that may be you can clarify. Admin Domain has by default all company accounts( these 7 companies) but every company at the same time belongs to one domain. When I want to see a report of security permissions I have to select group and domain. If a select a domain other than Admin and a group that has access rights on Admin domain, I am not able to see those rights spread on another domain that at the same time is a child of Admin domain. Do you understand the scenario? Appreciate your help.

You are right and this is just a summary of what I found out: All companies accounts by default belong to Admin domain. Any permission assigned to any group in the Admin domain is a permission that will be applied to all companies. Now if any group is assigned permissions but on another domain that is not Admin, then those permissions will be applied exclusively to that group in that domain isolated from others domains. But this domain will also inherit the permissions that comes from Admin domain because the company inside the isolated domain belongs also to Admin domain. In our case we have groups that have same permissions in all companies and groups that have permissions only to specific company and here comes the need of having a separated domain for every company.