Group on a report

I have a report based on Purch. Inv. Header and Purch. Inv. line data.

The reports results are OK, but I pretende grupo data by fifteen days . Foe each fifteen days i have a record in my report.

My fied date on on Purch. Inv. Header and Purch. Inv. line is Postng date.

How can implemente this?


This report is grouped on month

you can change the logic and try

Thanks Mohana

I will try :slight_smile:

Hello Mohana

After looking to your sugestion, i saw that is not exactly wahat I Pretend.

I need to filter my report data to 1 year, and in the report detail, I have to show data goup by 15 days.


01012014 - 15012014

a b c d e

16012014 - 31012014

e f g h i

01022014 - 15022014

j k l m n

… until

16122014 - 31122014

bb gg hh jj


If I create a GroupHeader like Posting date, how can I show this group header as period = 15 days?