Group function in MPS


I’m using the group function for planned requirements in MPS, each requirement has a different requirement date, after grouping them the line with the sum of the quantity of all orders grouped takes the last requirement date of the lines grouped. ¿Is there any parameter that allows me to use the first date of those lines instead of the last one?

Thanks a lot!

Do not believe so, mine just grouped at the earliest date however. It shoudl tell you which dimensions it is using, do you have an example? Have you tried selecting them in a different order (end focus on the line) although pretty sure this will not happen. Also what are the reasons for the date differences, if it is pure demand differences then the earliest date is fine, however if it is a limit based upon the supply for some reason then the latest would arguable be correct. (not sure how you get to this scenario though, site supplier differences etc?)

Thanks for youor inspiration Adam, the end focus at the first line was the key, in that way the group takes the date of the first requirement date!

The reason for the date difference is because the coverage is by requirement, but as the user will not apply deepest use of MPS they just want to group requirementes instead of playing around with different coverage settings. Thanks again!!