Group Credit Check

Hi Experts, We have a specific requirement in our business to check the credit limit for a set of customer accounts at group level and not at individual account level. This is to give the benefit to the multiple account customer to buy on credit upto the maximum of his total limit. I would greately appreciate if there is a way to configure it in Axapta. Thanks folks, in advance. KV Rajan.

Hi Rajan, I can’t think of any standard functionality. Depending on where you want to use this functionality, perhaps you can create a separate customer group for a group of customers. For ex - - Create a Customer group - ‘XXXX’ - Include customers ‘XX’, ‘XXX’ … Now whenever you check for ‘XX’ or ‘XXX’, you can pick up their customer group and thereby perform credit check at group level. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Rajan,

I wasnt quite sure about this but there is an addin that allows you to do this direct from Outlook. That provides something too what your saying, you can right lick bulk check and have it update a datasource of your choice.


Hi James,

I don’t think that the above mentioned link will be helpful. Its basically integration to outlook and some features.

I think Rajan you need to customize the requirement.


Hi Pranav,

Cool, I wasnt sure in any case - but I would contact the company I saw some youtube videos or something on it updating and syncronising directly with AX as I saw it did with CRM and some other packages like Excel reporting from SharePoint.

They might have something quick or OOB to help…