group by

DataItem Name

HR Employee

Assignment Matrix Assignment Matrix Earnings

Integer Integer Earnings

Assignment Matrix Assignment Matrix Employee Co

Integer Integer EmployeeCo

Assignment Matrix Assignment Matrix Deductions

integer Integer Deductions


these are my data items where i want to group by ‘no’ with ‘employeeno’.

hr employee having no field,where as assignmment matrix as employee no field.i want to group these two fields

in Assignment Matrix properties i have set dataitem link=Employee No=FIELD(No.)

is it correct or wrong ,i dont know but i am not getting the actual result…

but i have taken one example with two data items

DataItem Name

Sales Invoice Header

Sales Invoice Line

i am getting the result like this as shown below,this is what actual result i want ,but in above dataitems as i implemented as but i am not getting the actual result…can you suggest me please .

thank you.

Welcome to DUG!!!

Which version you are using ?

Is it classic or RTC ?

thanks for your reply amol,

it was a classic report

by the above shown dataitems

hremployee,assignment matrix,integer i am getting the result as shown below.but it was not my actual result.can any one suggest me please

What your are expecting ??

we have ‘no’ field in hr employee

employeeno and department code in assignment matrix

we have to group by hr employee no field with employeeno field in asignment matrix;

the screen 2 is what i am getting the output,like the screen 1 i want to get the screen is it possible.can you suggest me please

these are my sections

these are my sections