Group by problem in navision

Hi Expert.

I have a task need to do redesign a inventory report.

I need to get data from location->bin content->lot → Item ledger entry.

if I can group by lot No. ,bin code and location code , just display the group data ,not the details?

eg. when group by location code and bin code, I just want to show location code, bin code and group (such as sum) data, not show the details with lot No.

when group by location code, I just want to show location code and group data not show the details with location code and lot no.

if can do it on the report design (visual studio ,group by ?), I know we can do it on the C/AL code.

Any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.

Hi Gary,

Do it directly in RDLC! That would be so much easier. Making grouping/group totals etc. is one of the strongest thing about using RDLC. And very easy to setup filters and conditions for when a control/row is hidden or not.

Sure you can also do much of it in NAV, but you would still need much of the same inside RDLC also, no matter if your dataset contains all the data, or just “group-sum” information. To do the same in NAV, you need to do much more code.
To see how you can control what is shown or not, try to check out the total section in the sales invoice report 206. Here depending on different options (vat, discounts etc.) then different rows are shown in the total area.

If you are new to RDLC, then I do understand you’re skeptic. When I first started with RDLC with NAV 2009 in 2008, then it took me a very long time to learn and understand it. And even today then developing new reports in RDLC is really something I do not enjoy, compared to regular NAV development.

Thanks Erik. I am checking this report… So much complicated…