Group by on a Table??

My company sells Items of the same code on the same invoice, on different lines. Later they need to copy these lines and paste them into an excel speread sheet, the most efficient way to do this is from the History (posted sales invoice) and copy it straight from the form, i was wondering if i could show the items grouped by Item No. on the table itself, or any other suggestion would also be great.


If you mean “sorted by” then the answer is yes.

You just need to select a key including “Type” and “No.” quite in the beginning of the key to do that.

Anyway, this might confuse your users as they will find text lines in the very beginning of the document (in the history) and not associated with the items anymore.

Thanks, i can set a view but, they would still have to compress the list maually and these invoices get really big so it would be a really time consuming task.

If it’s the report you are talking about you can group that by Item and only print the groupfooter instead of a body for each line.

I was more thinking along the lines of a form, where i can collaps/expand common items togther, with an updated quantity (Like the chart of accounts overview[concept]). I will work on it and see if it do-able, ill update this form with my progress in a couple of days. Thanks for everyone for helping me out! really this form rocks!


I’ve thought up of a neet little solution to my problem!! so i thought id share it.

On the sales invoice i made a function i callit “Compres Sales Lines” and when you run it i will group the invoice the way i want it cleaning up the lines, also I put it in sales & receivables setup as a flag that will automtically compress when posted, just incase they forget to compress before posting.

thanks again .

What happens in your compression routines if one of the following conditions appear:

Different Sales Prices for same item
Different Line Discount for same item
Different UoM for same item
Item charges are assigned to the lines.
Item Tracking informations are assigned

fortunatly they are guaranteed that the items will have the same price.line discount must be recalculated if it was calculated before,

they are all singular items by piece,

since the routine will work on ONLY items,item charges MUST be applied after

i dont use item tracking.