Grid on Form

Hello All,

Added a Grid on form and a data source.

On opening the form I am facing a issue.

  1. if I have some records in table ( same as datasource to grid) then grid is showing data ( no of rows and data are correct).

  2. if there is no records while opening the form ( I deleted all for testing) then automatically a new rows gets create inside grid with all empty value. Also I put message box inside initvalue and create method of datasource. they are firing in case of no records on datasource.

  3. Added custom filter using some text controls and button. if there is no search result based on searched text then also above case 2 is happening.

I think. i m missing some properties of grid or change of property of grid. :frowning:

Please suggest.


Yes. I was missing one property of my datasource :

InsertIfEmpty =NO.

And it worked as i needed.