Grid is very slow

I have to create a new form, with a grid to display for each Employee TimeSheet datails.To enter timesheet details , i have added a lot of display methods, and i get the right results, but the problem is the grid very slow at time of  manipulating Employee details.How to resolve this problem ?
Thanks in Advance,

Hi Syed,

You try to reduce the usage of display methods in grids. The display methods will slow the process. Each time you click a record the display methods is called so its look too slow.



rather than creating a form with many display methods you could have created a report …

you can use cacheaddmethod. To sign up a method for caching, the method cacheaddmethod on the form data source should be called after super() in the init method of the data source or after super() in the init method of the form. \

One example is in \forms\Purchtable\Data Sources\PurchLine\methods\init


You have two options -

  1. Change form design. This way you can move and distribute display methods.

  2. Or better find out which display methods takes time and fine tune those methods. You can start debugging by setting low threshold (NOTE - this is in milliseconds) under Options form → SQL tab. Look in developers guide for more info.


Thanks for replay guys.