Grid is empty

In form two datasources with same table.In form contains two grids one is planned and actuall .my problem is initially actuall grid is empty. Please help me how?

Please ensure that the data source property of the grid is filled properly.

Hi Vinay,

in the form 2 grids are the same table but different datasource.In table contains some data . when i open the form the two grids contains the intention is when i open the form first grid only shows data. in the 2nd grid only user enters the data

Means you are using the same table in two Grids, in one grid you want only to see the data and another it should allow you to create records. If that is the case change the Allow Create property of the data source to NO, which is used in the first grid.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for replay.

In the grid one enum field Planned & Actual In first grid it displays only planned and second grid displays only actuals .but first & second grid show both planned i restrict it?

If I understood you correctly you want to display Planned value records in Grid1 and Actual value records in Grid2 and the Grid1,Grid2 data source are different but the table is same.

If this is the scenario then you can write the query in the overrided executQuery() method of both the data sources.
data source1 will contain the query in order to filter the data according to Planned values.
data source2 will contain the query in order to filter the data according to Actual values.