Grid field appear/disappear based on other field status

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I am little bit confused with above attached requirement. Please someone help me to resolve this.

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Can you please explain what you need from us?

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In form grid, if the journal status is open, posted on field should be disappear from grid,

if the journal status is posted, posted on field should be appear in grid.

Feasibility is there or not? to do these things?

Sure, it’s easy. Override modified() method of the Show control. There you’ll place your logic.

Then get a reference to the datasource field. If the datasource is LedgerJournalTable and the field is PostedDateTime, do this:

FormDataObject postedTimeField = LedgerJournalTable_ds.object(fieldNum(LedgerJournalTable, PostedDateTime));

Then call visible() method of postedTimeField. Set it to true if the value of Show control is Posted and to false if not.

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Thanks for your answer. it’s worked for me.