Grid Control


I have to disable relating fields.For example Am using two tables…1)Organization table 2) Sub Organization Table

Here Two tables are having Company ID as unique and also am giving relation(normal) .Now am creating two Grid control in one form.while am clicking the Organization table id automatically table 2 id displays value in second grid view.

In Second table having a relation for id.if id is present in organization table then only second table displays the data.

Now my problem is how to create a new ID in second table’s(Sub Organization table) id field…and also if id is present in the relating field …how to automatically disabled relating fields…Not in editing mode…Don’t give coding i want without coding friends

pls anyone answer me

Table fields has AllowEdit and AllowEditOnCreate properties; data source fields has AllowEdit.

How to create a new ID depends on how you want to create a new ID. Could you give us more details about what you’re trying to achieve and what problems you have with it?

thanks…i got remedies for this problems…