Grid color on list page form

Hi All,

As per some customization request, I have to color grid on “list page” form if = true.

I’m not getting any way to do this.Anyone have idea about this???

Hi Naveen Sing,

Look at this in AOT>Forms>tutorial_Form_DisplayOptions

I want to color grid in ListPage form, not a grid in simple form…

Its, Possible in All Forms , In Datasource Override DisplayOption method , there you have to wirte your own logic, based on your condtion you can set the colors for records…

Hi Saadullah,

This is no option to override displayOption method of data source in ListPage form(SalesTableListPage).

yes, that might not be possible. Even the interaction classes doesn’t have any support for this.

Thanks to all

Please mention the AX version, it seems that AX2012