greetings from new member, jrick

I have enjoyed developing small applications for friends and small local business for many years. I began with Paradox, then moved to Microsoft Access when I bout my first windows pc. a truly high speed, 286 Pacardbell that was screaming compared to the apple IIe I purchased in 1984. (people are stilled amazed that apple had an lcd screen back then. any way, With that …becoming proficient in SQL, and VBA I believed I had accomplished great things. Interfacing with DBs, As well as manufacturing equiptment, PLC, CNC and some running motorola machine code to collect, manipulate and evaluate data. In my last two positions the company of 160 used my apps to schedule production, time keeping and payrol, machine maitnenance and a variety of production, effeciency, quality and productivity statistical analysis interfacing with an as400 system from frontier. NOW

Company closed, purchased , reopened and I returned to find, you got it. Microsoft Nav. So I searched, reviewed several then selected this site and began reading posts. Joined with the entention of 1) learning everything I can about how the system works. Become the most proficient user, and in time become the person who can create and manipulate the data to meet specific needs. So Here I go, reading to learn. I have downloaded nav2009 classic, also with sql and demo, and installed on my Pc, Visited the live demo and walked through the role based scenarios .

I Am interested in any electronic books or tutorials available to learn to use and eventually create queries, forms and reports as I see the need. I have seen already two of the IT pros from the company who purchased our plant were on the convergence diary blog upgrading to…2009. so I must be at the right starting point.

Hi James,

Thank you for your great introduction and welcome to the user gorup. Hope to see you in here a lot.